Going off-piste

One of the best ever alpine skiers, Tina Maze, is a recent convert to #vanlife, with her own Adria Twin 640 SGX and is using it for skiing and exploring the mountains near her home.

"There is nothing more inspiring than nature! This van really fits my lifestyle and gets me out there."
"That’s what life is about! Being with your family and friends and really enjoying life, especially the outdoor life."
“The joy with this campervan is you can get away for weekend trips really easily and when you’re away you can get to do so much. You just park up and you’re ready to go. It’s really flexible and easy. I don’t need any motivation to go ski or to use my mountain bike, but this van does seem to inspire me to go on even more adventures.’’
‘’This model, the SGX seems like it was made for me! There is so much useful storage for all my ski gear and yet it’s like a small apartment. I have everything I need to be away from home. It’s pretty cosy and comfortable in here, even in the mountains, I can just crank up the heating and relax after a day on the slopes.’’