For an easier, more comfortable life.

Advanced app now offers clever remote control of all important functions and even more comfort when inside. Adria MACH provides intuitive insights into your energy and water supplies, large caravanning POI database and many extras.

How? Simple!

What MACH can do for you:

Remote control of important functions

Lights, heating, cooling, battery, water, gas, fridge … (with statistics and prediction)

Navigation & POI

Nearby refilling points suggestion and large POI database (Adria dealers, camps, parking spots.)

Manage your vehicle

Interactive and intuitive manuals, levelling information (angle-accelerometer), key technical data …

Mobile office

Wi-Fi hotspot functionality (work from everywhere, enjoy IP multimedia at controlled roaming costs ...)

Mach availability

MACH is available on selected products, with the option to install MACH Plus, at order stage or after delivery.

  • MACH uses Bluetooth ® for local control of key functions (control panel, heating, air-conditioning** refrigerator, lighting, water pump, water tank levels and battery status). Also enables monitoring of external and internal temperature and provides basic vehicle information and levelling data.
  • MACH Plus uses Bluetooth ® Wi-Fi and LTE for local and remote* of key functions (control panel, heating, air-conditioning** refrigerator, lighting, water pump, water tank levels and battery status) with statistics and prediction feature.
    MACH Plus also monitors air pressure, outside humidity and gives access to interactive User Manuals, vehicle information and
    levelling data as well as Mobile Office Wi-Fi hotspot* functionality (access to web, IP radio and TV).


*SIM card required
**if vehicle is fitted with this option

Some real-life situations where MACH proves its worth.


Hot day and you are on the beach. Before you head back to your caravan, you turn on the AC and step into aperfectly cooled environment.

Nice skiing day in the alps. Before the last run you increase the heating temperature and really feel like at home in your motorhome from the get-go.

Quiet evening and you’re reading the book in front of your caravan. You really don’t fell as going inside to turn on/off the lights. You can do it with your phone!

You arrived at a nice spot and all you need is to wellbalance the vehicle. Mach features an angle meter and an accelerometer to help you fix this quickly.

After a cold night, you wonder how much gas you’ve got left. MACH will calculate when you will run of it.* MACH offers same help for electricity and water.*

Sometimes you need to find a specific valve, change something, fix or check some other thing. No need to list through the printed instruction manual. MACH’s got you covered with intuitive instruction, tailored to your product layout.

MACH comes with a huge database of camps, stops and Adria dealers and workshops. Wherever you need to go, MACH will show you the way.

How MACH works:

  • Install the app from Google Play or Apple Store* or visit
  • Create your Adria ID
  • Connect to your vehicle
  • Enjoy tailored experience