A quintessentially English adventure.

An adventure packed with quintessentially English charm, eccentricity and beautiful places.
Oh!...to be in England.

As an Englishman living abroad, with a Slovenian wife, the temptation to return home burns brightly. My Ljubljana-born wife devours all things English, yet the England she so enjoys is mostly far removed the one I was brought up in. She wants to move there. I want to stay an ex-pat.

She always finds places that I once thought I knew, only for me to fall back in love with all over again, so all is not lost. Maybe one day we’ll move there.

In England there’s so much to see and do, so you can tailor any length trip. A good motorhome like the Coral is perfectly set up for two but the English love their caravans and you’ll be welcomed in yours. Just avoid the school summer holidays as the country lanes (‘’roads’’) get very busy.

On arrival in Blighty, we head for Cornwall but in the spirit of “being very English” we picked out three special stops on the way.

The White Cliffs.

Vera Lynn’s iconic cliffs at Dover are a must see, if for no other reason than it may help you understand the English. Here like nowhere else in the “sceptred isle” that is Great Britain, the notion of it being an island nation becomes clear.

‘’Here like nowhere else, you understand what it’s like to be English’’.

Highclere Castle.

No-one does a stately home as well as the English and being fans of the TV series, Downton Abbey, we had to call in as we were passing by. It doesn’t disappoint.

Bombay Sapphire Distillery.

Is there a spirit more English than gin? We doubt it. Ever wondered why gin has become so popular again or wanted to see how it is made? Located near Winchester, we booked ahead, stayed locally, with one us as the designated driver

‘’Fortunately, we were outbid in the rampant real estate market that is always Cornwall and this surprising (for me) new domestic adventure may be forgotten (for now)’’.


We moved on to The Lizard peninsular for stunning scenery and to Marazion and St Michael’s Mount. One of Cornwall’s most iconic sights is the Abbey on this tidal island. Catch a small ferry or better still, walk the cobbled path across the bay.

Our Cornish adventure took us three weeks, we had two days of rain and many long days of blue skies and good temperatures. Great campsites, mysteriously busy but never full. Of all the holidays we’ve had, this is the one we still cherish the most.

The Coral would be the ideal vehicle for such a trip, for two people in great comfort or if travelling as a family, then the Matrix would be a good choice.

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